CV guidelines/format:

CV guidelines/format:
In order to apply for a position through Impi Health, a number of documentation is needed for the process to be a lot smoother.

Your CV or curriculum vitae is one of the single most important documents you are likely to need. If badly constructed, it can hinder your career progression and deny you the interviews and jobs you aspire and deserve.

Employers only spend about 30 seconds scrutinising these documents. So your resume must catch the reader''s attention quickly without ambiguity, extolling positive selling points about you in relation to the job.

Below is purely a guideline on how your CV should look before registering with Impi Health.

Please submit your CV with the following formatting if possible:
  1. Font Type: Tahoma
  2. Font Size: 11
  3. General: For the bulk of the text, use lower case, non-bold text
1. Personal details
  1. Date of Birth
  2. When available to start working
  3. Nationality
2. Qualifications
  1. Institution
  2. Qualification
  3. Date obtained
3. Work experience
(For each position you have held, include as many details as you can. These details should include, if applicable, as much of the following):
  1. Name of Employer, including location
  2. Dates of assignment
  3. Details of caseload, including:
    1. Age range of caseload
    2. Type of caseload
    3. Size of caseload
    4. List all specific disorders / problems etc handled
  4. Whether you were involved in both Assessment and Rehabilitation/Therapy
  5. Assessment tools / techniques used
  6. Rehabilitation methods / Therapeutic tools / techniques used
  7. Degree / level of support from more senior staff
  8. Degree / level of support given to more junior staff
  9. Any extra administrative tasks for instance record keeping, report writing and program compilation
  10. Hours worked
4. Courses
  1. Course name
  2. Date
5. Professional Memberships
  1. Type of membership
  2. Date obtained
  3. Membership number
6. Supporting Statement
7. References x 2
  1. Name
  2. Position
  3. Institution
  4. Contact number

If you are in doubt as to how much information to include, include as much info as possible. We can advise you if you have any queries.