Delicious Summer Pâté

Delicious Summer Pâté

With the change in trend and life-style, we prefer to spend our summer evenings in our backyards; with barbeques, cocktails by the poolside: lots of chicken, potatoes, cottage cheese (paneer), hot dogs, ice-cream, salads and of course plenty of beer! We indulge in our dark gustatory desires, but if we are not careful, summer’s fattening foods can really add on the pounds. While you definitely can enjoy a healthy appetite during summer, do monitor your calorie intake, or you could end up putting on unwanted weight at the end of the season.

Thirst Quenching Concoctions
Be careful while staying hydrated in summers as cold drinks can pay havoc with your waistline. A 350 ml pop contains 148 calories. Concoctions like cold coffee, smoothies, ice-tea, and milk shakes have plenty of calories. Prefer lighter versions of your thirst quenchers. Swap all sweet fizzy drinks for sparkling mineral water or specialty teas.
You booze, you’ll loose
Smartly dressed and served drinks are added up calories in a hurry! They are sweetly flavored, fruity alcoholic drinks. The calories start from 200 to 550 or more in one drink. Avoid these and try wine, with a splash of fresh fruit juice or with a spritzer (equal parts of wine and club soda). Wine – red or white, 125 ml glass has 100 calories. A Long Island iced tea can give you 520 calories or more.
Warning: Just three units of alcohol are enough to diminish sexual performance; six might be enough to prevent orgasm, and more than that is increasingly likely to prevent achievement of erection.

Creamy Salad Dressings
Go in for olive oil, vinegar, light sour cream, hung curd, chicken, lemon juice with seasoning or vegetable stock dressings for salads. Increase the fiber and nutrients by tossing in lots of veggies, fresh fruits, and nuts. Add up the lean protein by going in for chicken thigh, baked beans, spinach.

The Barbecue
You can go lean with cuts like pork tenderloin, fish, lean ground beef and skinless chicken breast, vegetables like capsicum, tomatoes, beans, zucchini, and carrots. Avoid fatty meats, cheesy foods, prime ribs, beef ribs.

Smarten up your Snacking
You can keep your diet plan in control by keeping delicious and healthy snacks on hand. Look for options that are easily portable like fruits, yogurts, fat-free crackers, low-fat dressings, popcorns etc. Keep these in the car to curb the temptation for fast food which will only increase the calories. Eat them in-between meal hunger!