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Your eyes get constant moisture and lubrication from your tears and this help to maintain the vision and comfort of your healthy eyes. It is essential to maintain the beauty and vision of your eyes as your eyes are the most important organ of the body and should be protected. Your tears are actually a complex mixture of Fatty oils, water, proteins and bacteria fighting substances that protects the eye from harmful effects. The reason that epopee get dry skin on their eyelids because there is an imbalance in the composition of their tears. While some medications and eyelids can also be the case behind the dry skin on your eyelids and at times this can be the effects of radiation and deficiency of Vitamin A.

Usually people who have crossed the 40 age group have dry eyelids as tear production starts to diminish with growing age. You are unable to produce adequate tears and your eyes become dry .Men and women can equally be effected and get dry skin on their eyelids but women tend to b more effected especially after Menopause .And the main reason behind the dry skin on your eyelids lies in hormonal changes that women experience during Menopause.

Dry skin on eyelids can be treated in many ways but the important fact to consider is to treat them properly so that there is no recurrence. Using skin products that are formulated for mild and sensitive skin always helps to maintain healthy skin conditions and there are many different kinds of cleansers’ and facial products available in the market that help to soothe your skin.

Actually people who have dry skin on their eyelids maybe suffering from inflammation of the eyes. As in this condition your eyelids become red and swollen and to reduce the dryness you can use cleansing products that will make you feel more comfortable. But if there are more complications then you need to apply antibiotic creams to get rid of the dryness.

So always sue a good natural moisturizer so that you can be ready for the cold season.