Give it 100: Trying to Touch My Toes

Give it 100: Trying to Touch My Toes

A week ago I began a project on Give it 100. Give it 100 is a site where you choose something you want to get better at, and then post a 10-second video every day, showing yourself working on that goal. Your aim can be anything – from getting better at speaking a foreign language to spinning a pen in your hand – whatever you want.

My Give it 100 project is that I’m stretching my hamstrings every day, with the hope of someday being able to touch my toes. Perhaps I could touch my toes when I was younger, but I haven’t been able to do so for as long as I can remember. The spinal fusion I had at age 16 doesn’t help me reach further either, since most of my spine cannot bend. I’ve always thought this is just how I am, super inflexible, but what if 100 days of stretching could visibly increase my flexibility? I’ve got to try!

So far I’m a fan of Give it 100. One of the main reasons for the video is so that you (and others, if your video is public) can see the mistakes and imperfections. Too often we only see someone’s result or talent, but not the months of hard work that went towards the progress. Not only can you track your own progress with Give it 100, but you can also see others’ projects, which is inspiring in itself.

Through a search I found several other people on Give it 100 who were also trying to touch their toes. They, like me, were far from reaching their toes on Day 1. But one of the users was able to touch his toes on Day 56! That gave me lots of hope!

The other reason I like Give it 100 so much is because it’s a community of support. While you might receive likes and comments, I love that I can give inspirational comments to other users. Sometimes all you need is that little push to keep going, so it feels great to provide that for someone else, cheering them on.

Today is Day 8. You’re welcome to follow along!

What’s something you’d like to get better at? Why not start a Give it 100 project to work on it? Let me know if you begin a project – I’d love to follow!