Dry Hair Treatment

Dry Hair Treatment

If you have hair that is prone to splitting, breaking, and frizzing, you may feel hopeless, and you may have given up on having healthy hair. I spent a great deal of time swearing at my natural curls, not knowing what to do to keep them healthy. I thought it was hopeless, and I just started wearing it up in a bun or a ponytail. Even the ponytail, however, was a sad sight to behold. Everything I thought I knew about dry hair treatment was wrong, and it wasn’t until I learned what to do did I start to truly love my curls for what they are.

You don’t have to have natural curls to have dry hair. It happens to anyone, and many people can benefit from a good dry hair treatment. The trick is understanding how your hair grows, and what you are doing to cause the damage. It’s true that heat and styling can damage your hair, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it. You just have to do it less than you are accustomed too. You also have to find the right products to put in your hair, and know how to give yourself a dry hair treatment.

If you think buying salon products for your hair is a waste of money, think again. They are at times the only dry hair treatment you need. They do in fact have better ingredients, and more of the ingredients that your hair needs to be healthy. Pair these with a regular trip into the salon for a trim and that may be all the dry hair treatment you need. If you are afraid someone will cut off too many of your curls, search to find someone who has experience with natural curl to cut your hair for you.

For an occasional dry hair treatment, you can get something like a hot oil treatment or a deep conditioner to give your hair an extra boost. You may also get a protein treatment from your salon, though I don’t know how those work. Keep in mind that the best dry hair treatment is to cut back on the hot styling tools, buy a conditioner and shampoo made for dry and damaged hair, and to make sure you get a trim at least once every two months. That may be the only dry hair treatment you need, and you may soon find yourself falling in love with your hair all over again.

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